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What Do We Do?

B.A.R.K.'s primary function is to rescue abused and/or abandoned dogs. We receive hundreds of call about dogs found as strays, dogs that are being mistreated, dogs that people can't keep for a variety of reasons, and dogs that have behavior problems.

If You Find A Stray Dog...
Three things must occur before it is considered abandoned;
  • An ad must be placed in a local newspaper under the found column, and it must run for 3 days. This is a free service in most papers.
  • The dog must be registered with your local SPCA.
  • You need to call the bylaw office in your area and report the dog as found.

Once all of this has been done and the owner has not been located, we can take the dog under our care.

If You Think A Dog Is Being Mistreated...

There are a number of things you can do;

  • Call the Humane Society and report the incident. 613-725-1532
  • Speak with the owner and ask them if they are willing to give the dog up.
  • Talk to other neighbors - maybe they feel the same way.

Hopefully the dog's situation can be remedied by following these steps, but if the abuse persists then it should be reported to the Humane Society again.

If You Have A Dog You Can't Keep...

Contact us, and we can advise you on how to deal with the situation and in very limited cases we will take the dog into our care if space permits. Please note we can only take owned pets with no issues that we can easily place. We cannot tie up Valuable Foster Homes with people's pets when we have dogs on back roads with nowhere to go.

What Happens When We Rescue A Dog?

When we rescue a dog, it is taken immediately to an animal hospital where it is thoroughly checked by a licensed veterinarian, inoculated against all normal diseases including rabies and bordatella (kennel cough), dewormed, checked for fleas and spayed or neutered if it is old enough.

From there it goes into a foster home, where we get a personality profile by exposing the dog to kids, cats, other dogs, neighbors, bicycles etc. If the rescued dog has a behavioral problem we have behaviorists who will work with the dog until it is ready to be adopted.




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