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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?


Here are some of the dogs that are looking for a new home to belong to. If you'd like to inquire
about adopting one of them, please contact us - we'd be glad to tell you more about them and arrange for you to meet them...

General Information Pertaining to Dog Contracts...

Many people question the cost of adopting a dog, we charge $400.00 for a dog
As a registered charity we are not supposed to make money and we certainly don't.

NOTE: Many of our dogs are injured when they come in and need x-rays,
ultrasounds, expensive surgeries and/or medication which increases the cost significantly.
Adoption fees are
necessary for us to continue rescuing these wonderful dogs who otherwise
would end up dead in most cases.

If a dog has already been vet checked before we take it,
then it is not necessary to do the flea treatment or de worm it,
sometimes it is already spayed/neutered, this does not decrease
the cost of the dog, that money goes to the next dog who may need
surgery or expensive medical treatment,
either way your adoption fee remains the same and you can consider
it money well spent.

We have received notification from a few of the main hospitals that give us discounts;
they are increasing our discounted fees. We are struggling as it is to stay
within our budget. Registered charities are required to spend almost all the money
they raise. None of us find that a problem. Because of this new fee schedule we
need to increase our adoption fees. We hope everyone understands we are not
making money here we are just struggling to stay afloat another year.

Effective July 1, 2016 adoption fees for all dogs will be $450.00 fees include spay/neuter, shots and deworming
Puppies(fees include spay/neuter, deworming and first shot)

To inquire about adopting our dogs please call







The China Dogs

Bark has rescued 10 dogs from the Dog Meat Festival
in Yulin in Northern China. We will be featuring them for the
next few weeks as they become ready to go to their Forever homes



Albert is a two year old Pomeranian mix, neutered, shots up to date He is such an easy dog to love. He has a great personality, loves to play with his stuffed toys and chase a ball. He listens well and learns quickly.  He gets really excited when the leash come out for his walk and behaves well when we walk him.

He is getting use to being brushed. He sheds a lot and his fur mats when it's not groomed regularly. He loves to cuddle after dinner and sleeps well all night.
Albert gets along well with the resident dog and would do well with a
friend dog or cat.





Meet Cosmo! Cosmo is an energetic 2 year old male, he is neutered and
his shots are up to date Cosmo adopted his foster family and adapted well
to his new environment. He loves to play with his toys, ball and chewing
 on a bone. Oh, he loves, loves treats.

If you are not in Cosmo's inner circle he is shy and will avoid you.
He is nervous walking outside and will need a family to be patient
with him as he continues to adjust. He is house trained and crate trained.
 He will sleep in his crate at night and during the day when his family
 is away. He needs to be by your side when your home so fully expect
him to follow you from room to room.

Cosmo will need another dog in the home and a patient family
while he adjusts. He is truly an amazing little guy and will bring
a lot of joy to anyone who adopts. In the evening he loves to lay on the
 couch, on his bed or in your lap while everyone is relaxing.
He is great with other dogs and cats, no children please.



Shelby is a sweet two year old dog with lots of energy. She lives
with other dogs and cats, she loves to play but does need
some supervision cause she sometimes doesn't know when
to stop or get anxious (she'll bark and pace around and jump
up at them if they are out of reach) when they don't want to play.
She is amazing with people and should be with another
energetic dog. Shelby's shots will be up to date and
she will be spayed before she is adopted.


To inquire about Jimmy Choo please
contact Carol Thompson at


Jimmy Choo


Little Jimmy Choo is 2 years old, and weighs about 18 pounds. He is housebroken, up-to-date with vaccinations, and neutered.

As a rescue from the dog meat trade in China, where he was treated very badly, Jimmy is understandably still wary of new people and new situations. Jimmy will need a little time to adjust to a new home. Once he is comfortable, you will see a sweet, friendly, playful little boy. He still has lots to learn by way of commands and manners, but he is very smart and learns quickly.

While large dogs can intimidate him, Jimmy lives very amicably with three similar sized resident dogs, and enjoys a good play with them or with toys.  He does have a bit of a mischievous side, sometimes snatching his foster moms socks or dragging around, and playing with, blankets from the other dogs’ beds.

Jimmy loves to go for walks and walks nicely on leash. He also loves to run, and frequently does laps around the back yard.

Jimmy will need a secure fenced yard, another doggie playmate, and a home environment that ensures he is not alone for long periods of time every day. Any children should be 12 or over. He is fine with cats.





Arnie is a two year old, neutered male and his shots are up to date. He weights 15 1\2 pounds and stands about 12 inches high at the shoulder. He is very energetic, playful and vocal. He will talk (bark) at me to get my attention or when he is waiting for his food. He likes to sit near the doorway where he can watch the street and let me know if anything is going on outside. He loves to run around with his toys. He has discovered squirrels and does not want to come back into the house in case they come through the yard.

Arnie is very shy of strangers and will bark at other dogs and people when out for his walk. He is nervous whenever he walks somewhere new so I tend to keep him on the same circuit each day. He will bark or shy away from anything that appears strange, even garbage cans. It took a couple of weeks to get him housetrained but he is doing very well now. He was going into his crate while his foster was away during the day and again at night.

Now that he is not having any accidents, he is allowed free rain of the house and he sleeps on a dog bed in the bedroom. Initially Arnie stayed within sight of his foster Mom but now he is relaxed enough to lay in another room. He likes to cuddle if you carefully pick him up. He seems to have a problem if he is not picked up in a certain way. In addition, his tail is very sensitive as it is crooked which would suggest that it may have been broken. It has not been possible to groom Arnie as he panics when the brush or electric sheers appear.

His hair is long enough that his collar gets lost in it.
Arnie will not come when called but he will come to have his leash attached. Often it is necessary to go out into the fenced yard to encourage Arnie to come inside. He plays a little game of coming toward you almost close enough and then running away. We are currently trying different methods for getting him to come inside. He is great with his foster sister and brother although they haven’t managed to play together.




Non China Dogs



Hi my name is Bubba,

I am a 9 month old neutered golden retriever cross that is looking for my forever home. Prior to being rescued I was mainly outdoors and had little training, but I have lots of potential. In a short amount of time I learned how to sit, give both paws and lay down. I am extremely smart and learn very quickly. I like to play fetch and go on long walks. I also love people and children. I am very affectionate and love cuddles. So if your interested in adding me to your family just contact us at smckeil@primus.ca








Mya originally came into care about 7 years ago. She was used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill, was dealt a 'lucky hand' and wound herself in foster care with BARK. She was happily adopted many years ago but due to a shift in family dynamic, and at no fault of her own, she finds herself back in the original hands that cared for her so many years ago.

An older dog now, Mya is a stout, 9 year old chocolate lab. Her athletic days are behind her and she's looking for someone a little more slowly paced. Someone who enjoys a nice evening stroll, lazy days tossing the ball in the backyard and long naps in the sun. She has great house manners, good with kids, other dogs and cats! She can be left alone at home with no worries of torn couch cushions or annoying the neighbors with barking! She's a little slower, so lots of stairs may be a problem as she gets older, as is getting in and out of large vehicles!

Mya is what we call a low maintenance dog. A little walk, a little belly rub - a lot of love! She's got many good years left to share with someone special.



Rocky is a 114 lb Mastiff/St Bernard mix he is
neutered and his shots are up to date.
 We pulled him from a shelter where he was not doing well. Frightened and desperately unhappy at losing everything he ever had he came to us with self inflicted wounds on his face ( he repeatedly smashed his head into the door of his kennel) trying to get out of a crate he didn’t need to be in.

He is loose in the Foster’s house and does not need to be crated as he has never been destructive.  He is protective of his pack and barks if he sees people walking dogs outside the house, but is otherwise quiet.  He very much enjoys car rides and is sociable when outdoors.

He walks well on leash and doesn’t pay attention to other dogs or people off his own property.  He is friendly with cats and dogs but is cautious when meeting new people or animals.

Rocky will do very well with another dog but can be an only dog as well.
This big boy needs a soft place to fall, he will be a loyal, loving companion for the right family.





Meet Jake an eight year old Shepherd/Husky mix. Jake is
neutered and his shots are up to date. This guy had
a really rough start in life. He was severely neglected and left
to roam the roads. When picked up byBylaw his
feet were badly torn, he was very underweight, filthy
and flea infested.

He had been on his own for some time when we got him.
He never knew love, he was anxious and independent
and was unable to accept the love and attention
that was showered on him.

Through intense training and rehabilitation this guy
just shines. He is very low maintenance, quiet in the house,
can be left alone all day. Loves other dogs and is good
with cats. Jake is neutered and his shots are
up to date.

He loves long walks in the woods and stays nearby when
out on hikes with his Foster family. We would like a quiet
environment for Jake where he can live out his life with
people who understand he has been to bad places and back
and just needs a place to call his own. No children please.



























Dogs listed below this line are not Bark Dogs. They are being
listed by their ownrts because they have special needs.
Please read carefully and call the owner if you are


My name is Elizabeth and I became owner to Rocky a.k.a Buggies about 2 years ago I got Bug from a crack house I was an addict but I am in recovery  just about 2 years now. When I decided to get clean all I could think about was this little dog that was still there so one morning I walked over and I asked the girl how much she would sell him for  she said $40 I gave her $50 and I bought Rocky(Buggies) home with me

I have had him since that day I have a cat that intimidates poor Rocky that he shakes sometimes I take him in the summertime to the park and he allows the kids there to pet him but not his face he does not like his face touched Rocky has been vetted Glebe Pet Hospital on Bank Street here in Ottawa he is about 9 years old and has teeth problems which need to be addressed at some point but I cannot afford to do this so unfair to Buggie he has his shots but he is due soon to get them again I am on O.D.S.P and have very little money left after rent I do take Rocky every 3 months to Healthy Pet also on Bank Street to get his nails done by Jazz he is very very nervous but he is used to her doing his nails now he does not like his paws touched but he will put up with it if he has too

Rocky is an awesome boy in the winter time he loves to jump around and catch snowballs he will even dig his whole body in the snow head and all when he comes up he looks like an ewak on star wars lol Rocky does not like summer her is very hot and miserable he enjoys the coolness

Rocky has been to the groomers at Smart Pets and from what they said he was very well behaved and he looked so very handsome when I picked him up he was trotting down bank street with the walk HEY LOOK AT ME!
We have been to doggy parks and Rocky seems to really not want anything to do with that period all he does is barks like he's a 10 foot dog even though he is just a small over weight Pug mixed with Pekinese All in all I would love to keep him but in all fairness with my Agoraphobia and being on O.D.S.P I cannot give what he needs which is NOT LOVE because I show him that every single day since I got him I have shown Rocky that it’s okay to trust people.

I have shown Rocky love and kindness and well I just cannot provide him with the outdoor walks regularly bases I cannot provide him with the medical issue of his teeth nor his shots and he needs this as well as love kindness and to be cared for
He is no longer a puppy or a baby he is getting old 9 years almost 10 
and all in all he is my boy LOOKING FOR ANOTHER FOREVER LOVING HOME where he will be loved /vetted properly and cared for truly.
Yours Sincerely
Elizabeth Parent
Rocky A.K.A Buggies




































































































If you were hoping to find a specific size or breed of dog to rescue,
but we don't seem to have that 'special' dog listed above,
contact sharon
and we would be glad to put you on a waiting
list - we may know where to find the one that you've been hoping for.

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