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Established in September 2001,The Bytown Association for Rescued Kanines (B.A.R.K.) is an all breed "no kill" rescue organization.We are a registered charity comprised primarily of dedicated and experienced volunteers.

The primary focus of our organization is...

~ the rescue and rehabilitation of abused or abandoned dogs in the Ottawa area;

~ to provide a support system for families to try to keep dogs in their original homes;

~ to find new homes, on a limited basis and as space permits, for unwanted dogs; Please note we can only take owned pets with no issues that we can easily place. We cannot tie up Valuable Foster Homes with people's pets when we have dogs on back roads with nowhere to go.

~ to educate children and adults on how to choose and care for a pet, how to behave around an unknown dog, and what to do if a dog chases you.

We uphold a "no kill" policy for all animals that come under our care, so we keep animals in their foster homes until they can find their forever home.


B.A.R.K. Board of Directors

Sharon McKeil

Peter Finnie

Pam Casselman


Pat Major


Honorary Chairperson

Chartered Accountants
Louise Laird

Sherrill Wark






Official Mascot

September 20, 1995 - November 5, 2005